Tuesday, August 23, 2022 – Ubud as the center of world arts and culture is back with the much awaited festival, Ubud & Beyond Festival 2022. Born from a passion to continue to maintain and develop the wealth of art and culture, especially those embedded in Ubud and its surroundings.

Ubud Beyond

This festival will take place for 5 days from August 24 – 28 at Ubud’s Astina Field. The opening will be held at Puri Agung Ubud with the main event Ubud & Beyond Awards.

Ubud & Beyond Festival will be a spearhead and a place to provide a stage for art and cultural activists to see how far innovation has progressed by displaying new works created by artists.

This year’s festival has a special highlight, namely paying homage and appreciation to the late Dr. I Nyoman Stories SST, MFA. – one of the most inspiring Balinese artists for the “Jauk Manis” dance as well as a performing arts academic. Under Sanggar Tedung Agung – the art community of Puri Agung Ubud for many years, he has succeeded in having a father figure for all the younger generations in continuing his performing arts legacy.

At the same time, this festival also appreciates the artist Dewa Gede Raka Jana Nuraga as an illustrator whose work is successful in the digital world and is internationally recognized. So this festival has an interesting mix, a culture that is always evolving but never forgets its roots.

Ubud Beyond

Proudly this festival will also feature various performances such as Selonding Bentuyung, Napak Tuju, Tedung Agung Studio, Ayu Ananta, Bingin Mas Studio, WDPK Dance, Swaradanta, Kertha Art, Tala Jiwa, Taru Art, Gambelan Suling Gita Semara and Fire dance by Jiro . Also enlivened by great musicians such as Balawan Ethnic Fusion, Alffy Rev ft. Novia, Di Ubud Band and Unb’rocken.


Visitors can enjoy the show while feeling and trying 60+ food and beverage stalls from restaurants and MSMEs in Ubud.

The strategic location of the festival which is in the center of Ubud and free of charge entrance is expected to attract local people, local and foreign tourists to participate, get to know more about the arts and culture of Ubud.

Please visit their official website for more information at https://ubudbeyondfestival.com/https://ubudbeyondfestival.com/