Ubud have a different type of transportation available. You can walk by foot around in the area. If you are going far distance, renting a local taxi is recommended. Many locals work as taxi drivers to take tourists to certain recreational areas or destinations. They already know the terrain and are accustomed to taking tourists everywhere. Easy to find them, as long as someone is holding up a cardboard sign saying “TAXI” that person is supposedly a taxi driver. Remember to bargaining price to get the best deal. They also offer tours for you at competitive prices. They are very friendly and warm, because they know and understand what tourism is. Hospitality tourism and customer satisfaction are the main objectives. Support them for the running of the economy by using local taxis. All kind of online taxis are prohibited from operating to pick up passengers in the Ubud area and several other areas. Except delivering passengers to the Ubud area.

Other option is by renting bicycle, motorcycle and a car to use around the area and keep remember to keep safety by using helmet when using motorcycle and follow the traffic rule ( You must have international driving licence for using car or motorcycle in Indonesia ).

This last choice is by using public transportation like metro mini and ojek. Little bit challenging but worth to try to get experience with your friend ( trust me, if you doit with some of your friends your experience will last forever, the stories will always be worth to tell )

And please remember online taxi is online taxis are prohibited in tourist areas. In Bali this policy is apply for local welfare, this policy is not only in Ubud area but mostly in tourist area. And there is no such thing as a taxi mafia that monopolizes prices, because there are a lot of hoaxes saying this kind of thing on the internet. All of these associations and associations aim to maintain the stability and security of tourists while in the area.

Online taxi for buying food or deliver and take goods is still allowed in the area and you can count on them ( remember to give extra tip for it, they is all away around in the hot sun delivering food for you and they stay very humble ).