Preparing for your next holidays season but still unsure what to do is common thing for new travelers. Even for travelers that come to same place for holiday sometimes forget what to do.

Before start for holiday journey make sure preparing some things first, below some tips before starting any holidays trip for you.

1. Pasport & VISA

Check your passport and visa for country that need it. Remember recheck your passport validity period and make sure it not expired in 6 month ( every country have their rule for passport policy before expired ). This is a basic and very important thing to do. Passport samples Walking uninterrupted travel in immigration is best way to save your time on your long journey to your holiday destination. Some country have VOA ( Visa On Arrival ) you pay Visa fees at airports or immigration arrivals.


2. Airplane ticket and accommodation 

Second part of your important preparation is Airplane ticket ( if you traveling using airplane ), bus or by sea. Remember recheck the flight schedule of all you ticket and make sure is on schedule. You must remember any delay from your ticket and please recheck at least 48 hours before your flight.

Now you must preparing your hotel or inn for overnight and short break after traveling from your country. Previously  remind to preparing what the transportation to use from airport to your hotel. Check the information about the hotel address and tell the Taxi driver or the one you choose for transportation. After you arrived at your destination and passing the immigration process you must know where to go, don’t waste your precious time to back and forth at the airport, it’s better you resting in some place you choose such as your hotel room and think what to do next day to enjoy your holiday. This typically transportation is vary in any country, please learn it before you go.

3. Prepare your travel itineraries and plans.

This will save your time and make it a lot easy if you plan where to go. If you want to use tour agent or hire local guide you can ask your hotel staff for information.

Check a travel package services brochure and there might be a suitable for you. And you can browse in internet for interesting place near in your place. Also prepare for some event, art and show tickets you can find there.

3. Prepare enough money and supplies

Make sure your money is enough, and please don’t calculate money precisely make sure you have enough money and bring more money for the peace of the trip. calculate all the expenses that you will spend in the holiday. In some case we want to spend more than we think.

Prepare it using cash, debit or credit card and make sure is still valid to use for something sudden. More budget is better.

4. Important place and number

This information you can find on internet or in hotel information. You must know information about your ambassador, nearest hospital and police.

This info must be save write in paper and you phone memory book. And it’s best to be on the lookout for any emergencies.

5. Communication & Internet 

This is important to know the type of telecommunications used in your destination country. Make sure your phone is compatible with it. And is more wisely to buy internet or data packages to use in your journey to update your social media, writing blogs, online map ( google map ) to search nearby places, reading email and your telecommunications facilities with friends or family to stay in contact with them.

That is all basic thing’s you must prepare before on going to travel. Make your holiday best with your friend or family. Happy nice trip.


“Ubud, Bali and Indonesia” in other language :

उबुद, बाली और इंडोनेशिया
우붓, 발리 및 인도네시아
أوبود وبالي وإندونيسيا
Ουμπούντ, Μπαλί και Ινδονησία
ಉಬುಡ್, ಬಾಲಿ ಮತ್ತು ಇಂಡೋನೇಷ್ಯಾ