Pegulingan temple is located in banjar Basangambu Manukaya Village, Tampaksiring Sub-District, Gianyar Regency adjacent to Tirta Empul temple and can be reached by walking while enjoying the beautiful and lovely scenery. There is an archaeological site in Pegulingan temple as one of the evidences on the development of Buddhism in the ancient Balinese age about the 8th century AD. This is supported by the dFscovery of Buddha Dyani Buddha Aksobya statue. Some clay seals in Sanskrit languange were stored in the stupa of Buddhist statue known as “Ye-Te” which one of them reads :

“Ye dharma hetu-prabhawa

Hentun tesantathagato hyawadat

Tesan ca yo nirodka

Evam wadi mahasra manah” (Goris. 1948) meaning that:

“Lord Buddha (Tathagata) said that Dharma is the cause of all events and the cause of destruction and suffering. That’s all the ascetic teaching of the Supreme Sage” (Source Bp3 Bali)

In addition to the above findings, it was also found building structure containing and array of octagonal sandstone peripih box, found face down near the center of the foot of the temple, also found a bowl containing gold and silver plate, in a square form, a small stupa made of sandstone are found Buddha statue made of gold. The presence of archaeological remains of Budda Religion at Pegulingan temple shows that the spread of Buddhism had~exis’ted since the 8th century and is still well maintained by the people surrounding the area who are majority of Hindu. This proves the harmony and mutual tolerance between the two religions that is inherited today where m any religious celebration, both monks of Buddhist and Hindu / Ciwa come together leading the worship.