A short history of the establishing of the Karangasem realm was in the sixteenth to seventeenth hundreds of years, Karangasem was under the authority of the Gelgel Realm, with its ruler I Dewa Karangamla domiciled in Selagumi (Balepunduk).

Tirta Gangga was before a water park having a place with the Karangasem Realm which was worked by Raja Karangasem, Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem Agung in 1946. Tirta Gangga originates from “Tirta” which implies heavenly water and “Ganga” which is the name of a sacred stream in India .

From this name, it is proposed that this vacationer park has blessed water that originates from the Ganges Waterway, and as a type of regard for Hindus.

Tirta Gangga was based on a 1.2 hectare land that reaches out from east to west in the rice fields. There are three structures that rule the character, in particular the nearness of sculptures, lakes and ranch territories. These structures have a suggested importance in them.

Tirta Gangga common conditions are exceptionally cool, this is on the grounds that it is situated at the foot of Mount Agung. The magnificence and coolness of this area makes travelers agreeable and agreeable to wait visit this vacation spot. The quiet and tranquil environment of Tirta Gangga is truly reasonable as a drained and easing weakness from the debilitating exercises of life.

At the primary door, sightseers will be welcomed by sculptures arranged conveniently like officers. Guests can stroll along the lake by strolling on the lake with a stone trail perfectly orchestrated like a progression of scaffolds. You can take a selfie with the foundation of the sculptures in the pool so it looks more character.

Not a long way from the pool there is a recreation center that has a water tower that is 10 meters high. This water tower is molded like a sanctuary rooftop. The water in the Tirta Gangga lake originates from a water source that even the neighborhood network thinks about hallowed and is utilized for customary stylized exercises.

Notwithstanding the pool that there is heavenly water, there is additionally a pool planned for sightseers. On the off chance that you need to swim in this pool, guests must take care of 6 thousand rupiah. The pool utilized is sanih water pool which additionally has clear and new water. Pools for youngsters are recognized from grown-ups on the grounds that the profundity of the pool is unique. Remember to bring towels and garments after you get wet in the wake of swimming.

After wore out on swimming and getting a charge out of the regular excellence at the Tirta Gangga area, guests can taste different dishes served by the eatery situated on the top. Indeed, even guests can likewise purchase trinkets and keepsakes at the focal point of gifts that are there.