At the near location with Garba Cave tourist attraction, there is also a temple namely Pengukur-ukuran Shrine which reputedly has a close connection with Manik Corong Temple, Tirta Mengening Temple, Gunung Kawi Temple, Samuan Tiga Temple, and the temple alongside the Pakerisan River, as the pioneer of the building of Besukian Temple (Besakih).

This Temple with two hectares area is known from the proof of Pengukur-ukuran Temple Inscription or Ambang Pintu Inscription which is estimated to be made in 1194 AD (Saka 1116) and says “Swasti Cri Caka Warstitanagata Wartama” (Congratulation and be happy on the previous, the future, and the current Caka year). It also says “Mpungkwing Dharma Manyar Dang Arcaya Jiwaya” (My priest in Dharma Manyar). The word Dharma Manyar is regarded to be identical with Pengukurukuran temple. At this Pengukur-ukuran temple inscription, it is shown the completion date of the temple restoration and it was inaugurated by Siwa Priest with Jiwajaya title. This Pengukurukuran temple is estimated to be built during the reign of King Jaya Pangus (1099 – 1103 Caka Year)


Pengukur-ukuran temple, just like other temple buildings in Bali, also embraces the Tri Mandala concept-has three yards that are separated by a high wall. Those yards are Jeroan building (20 Pelinggih), Jaba Tengah (16 Pelinggih), and Jaba Sisi (7 Petinggih). The ancient relic sites located at Pengukur-Ukuran temple are:

Agung Temple, Located at the temple’s yard, consisting of two parts; below part with old construction with a pair of ancient soil-made rocks and above part consisting of a stone with reed on top of it and framed by wood. The parts of this temple are no longer intact as a result of an earthquake occurred in 1917. There are also two gapura that connect the temple with a petirtaan and Garba Cave area.

Ratu Panji, a cylindrical stone, an ornamented cover of the top of Agung Temple building in Jeroan temple.

Jeroan Yard, there is a relic in the form of Menhir, pelinggih Ratu Madeg which is believed to be a place for praying for the smoothness of ceremony.

The ceremony at Pengukur-Ukuran temple is dated at Purnama Sasih Karo. According to tradition, this ceremony shall be started (dipuput) by the main chief responsible at the temple. The temple is worshipped (disungsung) by 200 heads of family from Pekraman Sawa Gunung and Gepokan Villages.


Garba Cave tourist attraction and Pengukur-Ukuran temple are cated at sawa Gunung Village, Pejeng, Tampaksiring Subt, Gianyar District. It is about 34 Km away from Denpasar city and it can be reached in 50 minutes by motorcycle. To reach the location, we have to walk down dozens of stairs, then we a. The atmosphere of this site is cool and quiet with beautiful, natural and very religious environment.