Besides the beautiful nature, actually covered by the uniqueness of Balinese culture of its people. Everyday life which is a tradiuon handed down from ancient times until now still lived without conflict of meaning with the advancement of age. In addition to the cultural life that has conunued undi now, some historical relics provide evidence tfiat Bali has a unique culture.

From the order of the village, the architecture and lifestyle, Pageringsingan Tenganan people are a little different with the Balinese in general. It is suspected that they are citizens who have inhabited the At Bali Bali before Majapahit influence into Bali in the 13th ceniury.The word pageringsingan’ comes from the word grimace is a kind of double ikat woven fabrics are unique and made in the process for years and believed to be able to resist disease (gering). Another unique thing is the existence of ritual Mekare or Pandan War as a statement that they are a brave knight.

As has been patterned in a single line of the culture, people in northern and southern Bangli Batur, Kiniamani almost have the same cultural pattern. Lined residential area from north to south by repetition of the same pattern. Pangelipuran village in northern Bangli is a typical example of the pattern of life and settled residents Bangli mountainy.

Trunyan Villagers living on the east side of the lake Batur Bali Mula is also expected to citizens who have the lifestyie and culture that is different from the typical Balinese plains. hjnerals.for example, is very difFerent from kramasi rituats performed by the Balinese ptaieau. Trunyan bodies of the deceased will be placed in an area without being buried and thus left alone to live their skeletons.

In the area around Tenganan there are several other villages thought to have a distinctive lifestyle and culture of their group. Bungaya, Asak, Timbrah are groups of people who have a distinctive culture that is not owned by other people in Bali.

Typical building Taman Gili or Bale Kambang on top of a pool and Bale Kertagosa Klungkung downtown historic relic is believed to be after the war Puputan Klungkung in 1908. Kertagosa Bale allegedly as a place of justice kingdom era with the first floor and the ceiling berumpak building filled with paintings puppet Kamasan models that describe the penalty for unlawful acts.

Two buildings owned Karangasem castle is located quite far apart. Soekasada Park. in the end about 6 miles from downtown Ganges Karangasem while Tirrha Park about 6 miles to the north of downtown Ubud. Building on the second iheme park is king of Karangasem nuanced blend of local architecture with architecture berlanggam europe.

Since long before tourism became the mainstay” of Bali. Ubud has been known as ambassadors of BaJinese arts and culture abroad. These conditions can not be separated from the blood flowing in the art that the majority of Ubud and surrounding areas. Not just in the field of dance and musical arts, Ubud is known as a pioneer in the field of visual ans including painting, sculpture and statues. Now. Ubud is known as a communtty arts and culture that unfortunately be missed when visiting Bali.