The island of Bali is relatively small, in a day can travel from (he mounuins and end up in coastal areas.We can go around the island of Bali by road by the beach along the coast of Bali.As a tropical tourist destination. Bali is very pleasant indeed.

At the beginning of che decade around (970, Kuta beach tourism is concentrated in Legian area with pristine condition with a street or alley to the hotel-sryie small hotel or pension homesiay. Now, after 40 years later, aimost the entire coast Ganggu Jimbaran to have been connected in a network of tourism faciiltJes.Whiie other coasta! regions began to be visited by tourists but crowded beach areas of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak is stiJI the main destination for tourists. Surfing, sunbathing, starring at the sunset is as unforgettable memories for tourists who travel to Bali.

Dreamland beach area is a relatively newly developed area for tourists khhususnya (overs of surfing waves that offer the same challenge as in the area of UJuwatu. In addition, the views of white sandy beach in dreamland this is very beautiful especially at sunset.

In contrast to Kuta and Dreamtand more offers sports and scenery, beaches Jimbaran located jn south Kuta beach has more to offer culinary tour with sunset views of the field. Dozens of cafes scattered along the coast ready to serve with a variety of menu offerings, particularly marine fish culinary menu.

With a stretch of coast facing eastward. Sanur beach which is about seven kilometers east of Denpasar city center offers sunrise views are very charming.Alloy white sand, calm sea water and the fishermen who set out to sea is the daily scene of Sanur. As a supporter, along the coast there are hotels and restaurants of various kinds who are ready co serve the

Nusa Dua tourist area is the area chat was designed as a residential center with a kind of tourist-star accommodation. Various support facilities are prepared so that the tourist area of Nusa Dua deserved preferred by foreign tourists. Several times Nusa Dua tourist area won international awards as an international tourist residential area.

Lovina Beach is one of the largest coastal resorts in the region north of Bali. Besides beautiful beaches, the region already have accommodation facilities of the class to class star jasmine. Likewise, culinary and other entenainment facilities.

Range the black sandy beach on the coast Jemeluk, Amed and Tulamben especially in the area give a different atmosphere of nautical tourism with other beach destinations in Bali. Underwater Tourism in coastal areas north of Ubud is very popular with the tourists the beauty of the underwater adventurer.

Black sand beaches with lined palm trees along the beach is the main attraction for Medewi beach in Jembrana. Wesc of Bali. In addition co beautiful scenery, Medewi beach has interesting potential for surfing fans because the waves were quite challenging.

At first the coast Candi Dasa grew naturally as a tourist area, but later in a more orderly arranged so that the beach area that is not too broad is not crowded by means of tourism. Candi Dasa offer views to the beach and countryside.

Menjangan Island, BULELENG.

Menjangan Island, well-known as the best wall diving in Bali, has an undersea park with well visibility and colorful and also full of sea biota. Besides its undersea beauty, its land potency also offers the beauty of Menjangan Island. Menjangan island is located in the area of Taman Nasional Bali Barat (one of the best tourism object in the island of gods. Bali. Menjangan island also has the most wonderful diving spot in Bali. It is not difficult to visit Menjangan island. It only takes three hours from Denpasar to Gilimanuk and takes thirty minutes more to Menjangan Island from Gilimanuk.

Marine tourism Pemuteran, Buleleng.

Marine tourism Pemuteran is a tourism spot between hills and North Sea of Bali, so that makes this place beautiful, quiet, and relaxing. The area of Pemuteran village is well-known as the area with sea conservation for the biggest artificial coral reefs in the world or ‘Biorock’. Some foundations together with local society, actively preserve the coral reefs. Beside coral reefs, the strategic position of Pemuteran village which is in the west coastal areas of Bali, makes this place really great.