Taman Soekasada Ujung

Taman Soekasada (Water Palace)

Taman Ujung

The location of this place is in Karangasem regency at Seraya Ujung street.  

Ancestral Cultural Heritage of Taman Soeka Sada Ujung Karangasem Regency is one of the historical evidences built by King Karangasem in 1919. The last King of Karangasem who reigned in 1909 -1 945 entitled Ida Anak Agung Anglurah Agung Ketut Karangasem.

Pura Manikan (Manikan Temple)

In Pemanikan Temple this is where the King’s family performs Worship, from this place also the King of Karangasem brings together his inspiration to develop the design of the Development of Soeka Sada Ujung page.

Balai Gili (Gili Hall)

Balai Gili building, pictured standing on a small island in the middle of the pond, with two bridges as a link to the room in Gili Hall. This place is used as the resting place of the Royal Family.

Balai Rambang (Rambang Hall)

Balai Kambang building in the middle of the southern pool is connected by a transportation bridge in and out to Balai Kambang. This place is a meeting and banqueting place for royal guests.

Balai Bundar (Roundhouse)

Balal Bundar is made with design and langgam which is a blend of Balinese and European architecture. This Round Hall has a meaning as a sacred place that is the place where the King performs Semadhi Yoga.

Balai Kapal (Ship Hall)

This building is the main entrance of Taman Soeka Sada Ujung, besides this building serves as a monitor for ships passing through the Lombok Strait.

When the King refreshing to Taman Soeka Sada Ujung, from this place he first rested for a while to see the scenery, because from this place the view of the sea and mountain can be seen clearly.

Balai Lunjuk (Lunjuk Hall)

This building is located in the northwest estranged area in the area of Taman Soeka Sada Ujung. The building is connected by two stairs, from the west with seven (7) steps and from the east consists of ninety-seven (97) steps.

From this place the King gave directions to the Royal servants, because from this place can see the view of Taman Ujung as a whole.

Kolam Air Mancur (Fountain Pool)

This Fountain pond is around six angel statues and six flower pots, in the middle of the statue goddess standing in a jug, from a jug that is increasingly pouring air, as well as welfare welfare.

Bali Warak (Warak Hall)

Balai warak building is located on the hills with a distance of 300 meters to the north of Balai tunjuk, on the east side of this building is equipped with three statues, at the top of the rhino statue, under which the statue of a flying Lion and at the very bottom of the cow statue.

This Balai Warak building has a spiritual function of Yartu as the place of Nyegara Gunung ceremony for the King’s family.