Taman Nusa

In GianyarGianyar area, there is one tourist destination  located at Jalan Taman Bali, Banjar Blahpane Kelod, Sidan Village, Gianyar Regency. This place offer unique spot for tourism.

Unlike tourism in Bali in general, which is a beach, Taman Nusa is a tourist attraction located in Gianyar in the form of a cultural park that stands on an area of ​​15 hectares. Taman Nusa provides knowledge about the culture of various ethnic groups in Indonesia in the natural atmosphere of the island of Bali, such as Taman Mini Indonesia Indah in Jakarta.

This tourism object provides a story about the journey of the Indonesian nation starting from prehistoric times with its old and primitive nature to the bronze age and the kingdom era in Indonesia. as previously mentioned, Taman Nusa displays the many cultures and ethnicities that exist in Indonesia. Thus, information about his culture is conveyed in an attractive and interactive way. With the aim of making it easier for visitors to understand information on Indonesian culture.

In addition, we can see or witness various skills and traditional art performances in the cultural village area. clad in a spatial layout and building architecture adapted to the time of the history of the Indonesian people (from ancient vernacular customs to the colonial era of the Netherlands or the Dutch East Indies) which blends with the surrounding environment, as well as the natural scenery of the Melangit Mountains and River which provides evidence that the natural environment can maintained and preserved properly even though there are buildings.
In Taman Nusa we can study various eras in Indonesia, which include the following:

1. Prehistory
At this time we will see a variety of spatial and natural designs made in such a way as to resemble the original in its era which looks old and very primitive.

2. Bronze Age
After entering the prehistoric period, we will be directed towards an area which is a picture of Indonesia during the bronze era.

3. Kingdom Period
After crossing the bronze era, we will see a miniature of Indonesian cultural and religious sites that are one of the 7 wonders of Indonesia in the world, namely the Borobudur Temple. The interesting thing about the replica of this temple is that we can touch the stupa there, just like the original tradition when visiting Borobudur Temple.

4. Cultural Village
After enjoying the past or history of the Indonesian nation, we will continue our journey to the cultural village area to explore the cultural diversity of various ethnic groups in the archipelago.

We can see a simple village depicting the environment of Indonesia’s indigenous peoples. There are interesting things about this village, namely that we can see performances and skills attractions, as well as do cultural activities there.

5. Early Indonesian Period
Next, we will explore the Early Days of Indonesia, where previously we will cross the Chinatown area in Taman Nusa Bali. This area is an era where Indonesia is familiar with gold, so we can see the kingdoms of work in the archipelago with all its legacy.
We can also see miniatures or replicas of Trowulan Temple and the figure of Patih Gadjah Mada in a statue which is famous for its Palapa Oath.

6. The period of Indonesian independence
Before heading to this area, we will first pass through the Youth Pledge Gate. In the area of ​​Free Indonesia, we can see the figure of the Indonesian Proclaimer, Mr. Ir. Soekarno and Mr Drs. Mohammad Hatta, with the text background of the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence on his wall.

7. Indonesia Today
Here we will see a 200 m2 diorama, which represents the current period of national development of the Indonesian nation, we can see a three-dimensional train miniature which has a 1: 87 ratio scale with no less than 50 types of miniature locomotives complete with 300 passenger train cars and carriages stuff, which can be moved automatically in a computer program.
Not only that, in this area we can also see miniature cities with their buildings and layouts, as well as Indonesia’s natural scenery.

8. Indonesia’s future
In this area, we find a library and two museums displaying various ancestral cultural heritages such as wayang, batik cloth, weaving to traditional embroidery fabrics.
after completion of all areas we will see natural scenery in the form of a stretch of terraced rice fields and a view of Sungat Melangit. That is the sensation of the Taman Nusa tourist destination that you can enjoy.

Visiting this place can give unique experience for traveler.

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