Rudana Museum

Rudana museum one of the best museums that were conceptualized, designed, and developed with a comprehensive paradigm. By occupying the building that was specially designed as a museum, museum Rudana incorporates the profane philosophy (holy), wherever every building during this museum carries symbols of human devotion to God the mighty Creator. The construct of museum Rudana as a profane abstraction structure was created by its Founder, Museum Rudana. Nyoman Rudana. With the construct of Tri Hita Karana, he visualized a…

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Antonio Blanco

Blanco, arguably the foremost notable and productive creator to ever keep in island, designed his astonishing studio on high of a mountain high the Campuan stream. This flamboyant building, a singular combination of Balinese structure imbued with the spirit of his native Kingdom of Spain, homes an exciting assortment of works drawn from special periods of his long career.

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