Yeh Pulu

6 Order of attractions in Gianyar

Travel should be considered so as not to waste time on the trip. Places or attractions that we will visit should be in order. I will give recommendations for the most visited and most famous tourist attractions in Gianyar Regency. We assume that if you stay in the Ubud area and start at the morning, so that the trip is in the same direction and maybe you can use a motorbike rental service for the trip. Starting from the first…

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Pura Durga Kutri

Pura Durga Kutri (Gianyar)

The place is in the village of Blahbatuh, Kutri. Here there are three temples into a complex, which can be visited easily, because it is located on the roadside of the highway Denpasar-Gianyar. Now on the front page of the temple there are several souvenir stalls and across the highway there is also Local sculptor workshops. Not far north, at a T-junction is also able to stall right and drink. Until now, Durga Kutri has successfully captivated the pengun, not…

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Surfing keramas

Keramas Village

Keramas Village. Originally the beach was named Kuramas, which was caused by the former beach was visited by a swarm of turtles that pulled over to the beach with the aim of laying eggs. Perhaps the name of this beach is named Kuramas Beach which can be interpreted as Golden Turtle. But along with the time, the beach is then renamed Keramas Beach because it is said to be many gold monkeys who also stop at this beach even though…

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Konco Budha Amurva Bhumi (Gianyar)

This Vihara is located under the bridge and there are stairs to the river under the bridge, where the river water is often used for events in the Vihara. The main sponsor of BLAHBATUH is Hok Tik cin Sin [Tu Ti Kong], under the altar of HokTikcinSin there is a tiger God, a cell ain altar Hok Tik cin Sin also there altar Ma Kwan Im and Buddhist Altar, to the move of Vihara Amurva Bhumi can be seen from…

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Kebo Iwa statue (Gianyar)

Kebo Iwa was a prominent royal figure in the past. He told Kebo Iwa one to the belief that the Kingdom of Bemasih was still so often called as Kebo Truna. Mahapatih Gajah Mada from Majapahit kingdom to unite the archipelago UN tuk to conquer the kingdom before doing the strategy to take Kebo Iwa to the land of Java. In accordance with the legend of the people still believed, Kebo was made by Majapahit troops to be killed by…

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Yeh Pulu

Yeh Pulu Temple

Yeh Pulu is located near Goa Gajah temple. This Relief is located in Bedulu Village is precisely in the rice fields located 300 meters to the east of the Batulumbang Hamlet and approximately 26 km from Denpasar. this tourist attraction is located on the tourist route Denpasar-Tampaksiring-Kintamani which is around many historical places such as: Goa Gajah temple, Samuan Tiga, Pusering Jagat, Penataran Sasih, Kebo Edan and others. The monument was originally discovered by Punggawa Ubud in 1925, and was…

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Nyepi (Silent Day)

Nyepi comes from a lonely word silent. The Nyepi day is actually a celebration of the Hindu New Year based on the Caka calendar, which began in 78 CE. Unlike the New Year’s celebration, Saka New Year in Bali begins with a pull off. No activity as usual. All activities are excluded, including public service, such as International Airport is closed, but not for hospitals. The main purpose of Nyepi Day is to plead before the one true God, to…

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Barong dance

Barong Dance is one of the traditional dances in Bali that use the media masks and costumes as the embodiment of the creatures that are believed by the Balinese people. According to Balinese belief, Barong dance is considered sacred art so there are also mystical effects in it. Barong Dance is a traditional dance that is quite famous in Bali. In addition to having artistic value, Barong dance also has spiritual meanings in it. History of Barong Dance. The origins…

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