Melanting Temple

Melanting Temple is located in the village of Banyupoh, Grokgak District, Buleleng Regency, including the North Bali region. The distance is about 50 km west of Singaraja city.

The existence of this Melanting temple is not only used as a place of prayer for Hindus, especially traders. But also visited by tourists. Because this temple has its own uniqueness and beauty. With a calm nuance in the foothills of Pemuteran.

This temple has a story or history that is quite unique and can be said to be full of mystical things, which are related to the journey of a powerful priest from Java named Dang Hyang Nirartha.

Pura Melanting

The name Pura Melanting, comes from the words “Mel” and “Anting”. Mel which means jewelry, while Anting means stone. If defined generally, Melanting means a piece of jewelery made of stones. The aid is gold.

However, if interpreted abstractly, Melanting Temple is a holy place that is designated as a place for offering crops to Dewi Melanting.

Pura Melanting

If you enter the Pura Melanting area, you have to go through a rural road but a car or tour bus can enter. However, arriving at the location the atmosphere is very relieved and peaceful.

The large parking area and Pura Melanting are seen standing majestically and beautifully at a height, climbing the steps, passing through the gate you are greeted by two large dragon statues adorning the main gate of the temple.

Pura Melanting

A number of temple building complexes become places of prayer before heading to the main temple area. This Melanting temple building has been redesigned by a prominent Balinese architect, Ida Bagus Tugur.

Because Melanting Temple is on a highland, you can witness the natural beauty of its surroundings when you are in the temple area, the view of the green hills that surround this area.

Pura Melanting

And from a distance you can see the blue sea of ​​Java, plus the atmosphere is calm and away from the crowd, it is suitable for those who want to do meditation to calm the soul and mind, pujawali or odalan at this Melanting Temple to coincide with the Purnama Sasih Kapat according to the Isaka calendar.

Pura Melanting

So that the temple is very ideal to be one of the tourist attractions for tourists visiting the North Bali area.In its history, Melanting Temple is one of the Kahyangan Jagat Temples in Bali, which occupies an important position in a row of temple names in Bali.

As a religious community and believes in one God, namely Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa, this temple which is functional because it is a place to worship Ida Bhatari Melanting or Dewi Melanting.

Pura Melanting

Those who are believed to be able to provide prosperity, fertility, safety and to be launched in trading business.Because Melanting Temple is closely related to trading business to be carried out, that is why every market is established Melanting Temple.

Worship of Dewi Melanting in Melanting Temple can be compared to Bhatara Rambut Sedana or Dewa Kwera as the god of money.

One thing that Bhatari Melanting teaches very firmly in trading is not to cheat. If there are traders who sell fraudulently, either selling rotten food or cheating by outsmarting the weight of the scales, it is believed that they will never profit in their business. And many have experienced and believed it.