Apa bedanya Beer 🍻, Wine 🍷, Vodka 🍸, Whiskey 🥃, Champagne 🥂, Soju, Sake and Arak Bali. Sedikit cerita minuman beralkohol sebenarnya sudah dikenal dari zaman dulu, terutama bagi negara yang memiliki suhu udara dingin atau memiliki musim salju minuman ini bisa diminum untuk menghangatkan tubuh mereka. Saat ini saya…

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Tirta Empul temple

Pura Tirta Empul Tirta Empul Temple and is found within the village space of water spring in Manukaya, District Sukawati, Gianyar. Tampaksiring may be a name and a village situated 36 kilometer from Denpasar. Pura Tirta Empul as relics of the dominion in Bali, one amongst the few ancient relics…

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Tampaksiring one from many villages in central Bali, Gianyar Regency, Indonesia. it’s the place to the Gunung Kawi Temple and anthropology ancient site and also the Senang Hati Foundation. The word “Tampak” in Balinese means that foot, whereas “Siring” means that Oblique. in keeping with the legend the slope of…

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Rudana Museum

Rudana museum one of the best museums that were conceptualized, designed, and developed with a comprehensive paradigm. By occupying the building that was specially designed as a museum, museum Rudana incorporates the profane philosophy (holy), wherever every building during this museum carries symbols of human devotion to God the mighty…

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Antonio Blanco

Blanco, arguably the foremost notable and productive creator to ever keep in island, designed his astonishing studio on high of a mountain high the Campuan stream. This flamboyant building, a singular combination of Balinese structure imbued with the spirit of his native Kingdom of Spain, homes an exciting assortment of…

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Payangan is a part of Gianyar regency. The location is in the northern side of ubud. Many place you can visit in Payangan such as temple and botanical garden in Kerta village.

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Остров Бали

Бали с первого взгляда Расположен в центре области Нусантара, которая охватывает более 13 000 больших и малых островов. Бали с населением около 3 миллионов человек, которые в основном исповедуют индуистскую религию, уделяет особое внимание уникальности культуры Нусантара. Природный Бали с тропическим климатом предлагает очень красивые пейзажи, а также вдохновляет балийцев на…

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Vihara Satya Dharma

Satya Dharma Vihara The island of Bali, which is famous for its many temples and the majority of people are Hindus, saves the beauty of tolerance between religious communities. One of them can be seen through the magnificent Vihara Satya Dharma with a large building of 800 m2 and an…

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Villa Kirani Ubud

Ubud is the most visited place in Bali. The atmosphere and nature have their own characteristic make many traveler want to comeback for visiting Ubud. Many villa and hotel in this area such as Villa Kirani. This villa offer many advantages for their service. Guest can see a nice view…

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