Rudana Museum is a museum that turned into conceptualized, built, and advanced with a comprehensive paradigm. By occupying the building that became in particular designed as a museum, Museum Rudana consists of the profane philosophy (holy), where every construction on this Museum contains symbols of human devotion to God the amazing Creator.

The idea of Museum Rudana as a profane spatial shape turned into created by way of its Founder, Museum Rudana. Nyoman Rudana. With the idea of Tri Hita Karana, he anticipated a constructing that combines spatial, environment: internal and outside masking surrounding residents, which incorporates the whole lot on the spatial structure: human, management, staff, the museum’s series and all the factors that help the strong basis of Museum Rudana.

The Rudana Museum is placed at Jl Raya Cokorde Gde Rai Peliatan, on the west side of the highway, about 300 meters south of Teges Yangloni T-junction in Peliatan Village
The museum was formally opened with the aid of President Soeharto on December 19, 1995.
Tourist visits on the Rudana museum are fantastically fewer as compared to traveler visits within the Ubud area. This is because Teges in which the vicinity of the Rudana museum is in a place approximately 3 km from the traveler region of Ubud
The condition of vacationer visits on the Rudana museum is pretty similar to other museums, where from July to September the go-to of 20-100 site visitors to Typhoon is during the Low Season of 10-30 tourists.
Literally, the philosophy and existence of the Rudana museum had been written in a book referred to as Bali, which changed into interpreted via the author to mean “BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, LOVING & INSPIRING”.