‘Om Swastiastu’ was the greeting that the receptionist made while crossing the gate of the Samsara Life Museum or Samsara Bali Living Museum, in Karangasem Regency, Bali. Located in Jungutan Village, Bebandem, Karangasem, the location is very close to Mount Agung.

the concept of this museum comes from the concern of modernization that erodes Balinese customs and culture. Especially now rarely understood, especially by the younger generation.

The Samsara Life Museum is one of the embodiments of the Karangasem Life Museum, with the theme of the life cycle of Balinese people. Starting from the various values ​​and traditions inherent since the baby is in the womb, then born into the world, life and death and even merge with Ida Sanghyang Widhi Wasa and achieve perfection. The concept of the Samsara Museum is to reconstruct a series of Balinese human birth cycles. Where everything is framed in ritual, the means of upakara. And the meaning behind these symbols becomes practical information that can be an enrichment of experience.

There are at least 14 series of Hindu ceremonies presented in the form of photographs along with explanations and tools in the museum.

In addition, the museum also shows the daily activities of the local community. From the start of making port facilities (arak, brem), meulat-caterpillar, mejejahitan, painting puppets, even to typical artistic activities such as mecakepung / genjek, mengoncang.

Even ceremonial plants are planted around the museum. There is also a Balinese culinary that is sold to tourists at low prices.

Source : http://tourism.karangasemkab.go.id/