Keramas Village

Keramas Village. Originally the beach was named Kuramas, which was caused by the former beach was visited by a swarm of turtles that pulled over to the beach with the aim of laying eggs. Perhaps the name of this beach is named Kuramas Beach which can be interpreted as Golden Turtle. But along with the time, the beach is then renamed Keramas Beach because it is said to be many gold monkeys who also stop at this beach even though until now its reality is still limited to the mystery.

surfing keramas
surfing keramasa

What is the advantage of this beach? As always the atmosphere of the beautiful beach Beautifully wrapped in the beauty of the natural and beautiful paddy fields to make anyone who comes will immediately fall in the heart he made. A row of trees that waving along the road to the path to the pan Tai leaving the beauty of not only heavenly mirage alone, but absolutely real. That’s why this beach is worth your visit with your family.

Surfing keramas
surfing keramas

The presence of many surfers on the beach has become its own attraction. You can see the various maneuvers they did on the big waves that would have dared them. It’s usually a bule! Do other activities such as swimming, sunbathing, playing in the glittering sand or fishing.