Kebo Iwa statue (Gianyar)

Kebo Iwa was a prominent royal figure in the past. He told Kebo Iwa one to the belief that the Kingdom of Bemasih was still so often called as Kebo Truna. Mahapatih Gajah Mada from Majapahit kingdom to unite the archipelago UN tuk to conquer the kingdom before doing the strategy to take Kebo Iwa to the land of Java.

In accordance with the legend of the people still believed, Kebo was made by Majapahit troops to be killed by digging a well. However, after Kebo Iwa was far away in the well, the Majapahit Army was a well with the rocks.

But this deception does not turn out to be done, finally Kebo Iwa aware of his life to give him to the archipelago unit with only lime and betel so that his life can be detached from his body.