How to clean aluminum in motorcycle or car engine

Maybe you wondering How to clean aluminum in a motorcycle or car engine. You can clean it using solvent available in a hardware store or supermarket but it cost more money. With this method, you will save a lot of your money and saved it for later use. Many cars or motorcycle users didn’t realize if the engine is the most important when washing and detailing. The dirty aluminum in the engine will make the look of the motorcycle not perfect after washing. Try to take a look at the new motorcycle at the dealer, you will see a clean engine with clean cable and parts.

This makes the motorcycle look clean. These tips will make your motorcycle clean using a cheap and affordable way. Follow the step to get the best result when you washing your motorcycle.

Prepare a small bucket with half water inside. Take a brush and scouring foam. Next, find or buy citric acid in the grocery store.

citric acid

For the cleaning agent, you can use dishwashing liquid soap. Remember this is for the aluminum and steel part only not for washing your vehicle.

dish soap

Next preparing the liquid solution, take a 2 spoon of the citric acid and 2 spoon dishwasher soap and mix with water in the bucket. The water is about 400ml to make a solid-liquid mixture. The more you add the citric acid and the dishwasher soap stronger the solution. Dab and rub gently on the aluminum engine of your vehicle. Remember only in vehicle engines. aluminum rubbed with this liquid will foam. allow a few moments and continue rubbing with light pressure.

And you will see the aluminum and the dirty parts of the engine starting to look clean. Try to clean the engine parts one by one. After you satisfied with the result wash the engine completely. Remember don’t use the liquid to clean paint or car body. And please do not let the liquid solution dries itself.

dirty carburetor
pict from 123rf

This liquid solution best for cleaning the carburetor. Remove the carburetor from the engine and tear down all the parts. Soak the carburetor into the liquid for about 2 hours. Always check the condition and soak the carburetor longer until you satisfy with the result. Remove the carburetor from the liquid and Dab the carburetor gently.

This method can be used for other parts that use aluminum. Be aware to protect another part of your car or motorcycle from the liquid solution.