Sapta Pesona is a condition that must be realized in order to attract tourists to visit an area or region in our country.

Sapta Pesona

We have to create a beautiful enchanting atmosphere anywhere and anytime. Especially in places that are visited by many tourists and when serving tourists.

With conditions and atmosphere that are attractive and comfortable, tourists will feel at home staying longer, feel satisfied with their visit and provide beautiful memories in their life. Sapta Pesona consists of seven elements, namely :

1. Safe Namely a condition where tourists can feel and experience a safe atmosphere, free from threats, disturbances, and acts of violence and crime, feel protected and free from: Crime, violence, threats such as pickpocketing, extortion, muggings, and fraud and so on. Being attacked by infectious diseases and other dangerous diseases.

Accidents caused by inadequate equipment and facilities, such as vehicles, equipment for eating and drinking, lifts, equipment or recreation and sports. Disturbances by the community include coercion by hawkers, ignorant hands, unfriendly words and actions and behavior and so on. So safe means guaranteed physical and mental safety, including the property (goods) of tourists.

2. Orderly Namely a condition that reflects an orderly and orderly atmosphere and discipline in all aspects of community life, both in terms of vehicle traffic, use of facilities and in various other community behaviors, for example: Orderly, regular and smooth traffic means of transportation come and leave on time.

There were no visible people jostling or scrambling to get or buy something that was needed Buildings and environment are arranged in order and neat Correct and unambiguous information

3. Clean Namely conditions that show clean and hygienic characteristics both in the environment, tourism facilities, service equipment and people who provide these services.

Tourists will feel at home & comfortable if they are in a clean and healthy place such as: A clean environment both at home and in public places, hotels, restaurants, public transportation, recreation areas, places to urinate / defecate.

Clean and healthy food and drinks Use and provision of clean equipment The clothes and appearance of the officers are clean, tidy and do not emit unpleasant odors.

4. Cool Namely the creation of a fresh, cool and comfortable atmosphere due to regular and beautiful reforestation both in the form of gardens and greening in every living environment, for that we should all: Participate and actively maintain environmental sustainability and the results of reforestation that have been carried out by the community or government.

Play an active role in advocating and pioneering the local community to carry out greening and maintaining cleanliness, planting various plants in their respective yards, both for decoration and for plants that are beneficial to households, school yards and so on. Forming associations that aim to preserve the environment.

Decorate the study / work room, living room, bedroom and other places with various ornamental or conditioning plants. Initiating various activities and other efforts that can make our living environment cool, clean, fresh and comfortable.

5. Beautiful Namely conditions that reflect an orderly, orderly and harmonious arrangement of both infrastructure, facilities, use of a harmonious color scheme, in harmony with the environment and showing national personality traits.

Beautiful which is always in line with cleanliness and order and is inseparable from the environment, both in the form of creations of God Almighty and works of humans.

Therefore, we are obliged to protect the environment so that it is sustainable and can be enjoyed by mankind.

6. Friendly Namely the attitude and behavior of people who are friendly and courteous in communicating, providing services and being helpful and voluntary to help unconditionally. Hospitality is the character and culture of the Indonesian people in general, always respecting their guests and can be a good host.

This warm-hearted attitude is one of the attractions for tourists, therefore we must maintain it.

7. Memories That is a pleasant impression and will always be remembered. Memories can be both beautiful and pleasant but they can be unpleasant.

Memories that want to be embodied in the memories and feelings of tourists from the experience of traveling in Indonesia, are naturally pleasant.

These beautiful memories can also be created by, among others: The accommodation is comfortable, clean and the service is prompt and friendly.

Enchanting distinctive cultural attractions. Tasty regional specialties with an attractive and hygienic appearance and presentation. A souvenir that is a regional specialty with a beautiful appearance and low prices.

Wonderful Indonesia

Sapta charm and the purpose of its implementation is so broad and not for tourism purposes only. Socializing and cultivating Sapta Pesona in everyday life has a much broader goal, namely to improve national discipline and national identity which will also enhance the good image of the nation and state.