The district of Payangan is approximately 25 Km from the city of Gianyar, located in the southwest of Gianyar, has a harvis natural and exotic rice fields with a weather lwanted so it is suitable for agro tourism. The subdistrict of Payangan is traversed by the Ayung River which can invite investors to the development of tourism accommodation and nature tourism, such as the construction of hotels, rafting tours. But this subdistrict is very potential for the field of agriculture widely. If continuing the journey north of the district of Payangan precisely in Puhu village we will enjoy Vast expanses of paddy fields.

The original Payangan comes from the word Pehyangan which means the place of the gods. Narrated in ancient times told Maharshi Markandya Searang journey from Java to Bali land by walking the WoS River from the south coast which is accompanied by approximately four hundred followers. He was short on the story of a place according to the direction of the Almighty, where he performed yoga Semadi. Now the place was named Pucak Payogan Temple in Banjar Payogan village Kedewatan Ubud. The area around Payogan is called Kedewatan. He continued to go north to do the study, but gradually the place was called Banjar Pengaji.

To maintain his safety with his followers established the first village temple built in the region of Payangan, the Seten is called Payangan Village. The old Pehyangan said in accordance with the development era until now called the area of Payangan.