Denpasar City is the youngest city area in Bali, only 13 years old since inaugurated on 27 February 1992. The establishment of Denpasar as the city government was lived gradually through improving the status of administrative city and city of Madya. Nevertheless, from the historical side, Denpasar, which was previously part of Badung Regency, keeps a very important role for Bali’s present day life. It is about 127.78 square kilometers with a population of 846,200 people, almost equal to the population of Badung Regency, Denpasar becomes the most populous region in Bali With a density of 6,526 people/km2. Denpasar, which initially is the central city of the kingdom will surely move into a trading city.

Receiving “Heritage” from Badung Regency as a residential tourism area, Denpasar is the main tourist residential area in Sanur area. From the north side of Sanur with The Grand Bali Beach to Sanur Beah Hotel on the south side of Sanur is crowded with oleh’hotel, restaurants and various means of solid tourism support.