Bangli Regency has a population of 222 600 in the year 2014. With an area of 520.81 square kilometers of population density of about 421 per kilometer persegL from 8 Regencies and one municipality in Bali, Bangli Regency is the only district that does not have a coastal region. However, Bangli has the largest lake in Bali, namely Lake Batur which is the most farmland in South Bali. With the role of Batur Lake that is so big in the farming area of South Bali, symbolically, Subak in Bali view Ulun Danu Batur Temple as an orientation of worship Lord Vishnu, the keeper of the universe.

Occupying the central part of the mountains and the plateau of the Bali Island, the air temperature in the Bangli area is quite cool even cold sting at night for the Kintamani area. With cool cold weather that is constantly foggy and rainy, Bangli area, especially the mountainous area in Kintamani, becomes a producer of good quality fruits.

Located at an altitude above 400 meters above sea level mountainous area in northern Bangli become the largest producer of bamboo in Bali the traditional buildings of Bali all areas of Bali use Roof structure of the “Bangli area. In addition, traditional buildings in the mountainous area of Bangli use bamboo as a shingles for the cover.

Public order and dialect of public speaking in the mountainous area of Kintamani shows that not only the inscription documents proving Bangli plays an important role in history but the order of Balinese people is still well maintained. The Model of resident residence in the area of Pengotan, Panglipuran, Bayung Gde, Sribatu and other Kuna villages proved a structure that was well organized in the past.

In addition to the cool air and beautiful scenery surrounding Lake Batur, various historical relics in the area of Bangli is a great potential that supports tourism of Bangli. Various lodging Facilities “and the restaurant has been built since the development of Bali tourism.