Bali is a small island but can not be denied that the blend of nature and Balinese people make each of the Bali land is an attraction to be achieved in the tour. During the daily human life Bati continued to run sustainably without artificial coating, it is believed that Bali will still spread the fragrance that becomes the attraction of tourism. Sunrise can be enjoyed at Sanur Beach while the afternoon sunset is served at Kuta Beach, only 30 minutes away from Sanur. In the morning to evening break, sightseeing trips can be made to Bali’s outback area See Balinese people live their daily life, the fullness of travel all day to the hinterland of Bali can be balanced with the recreation of the moment and after the dinner event.

Despite the many tourists who love the beach and the nightlife in the center of tourist attractions such as Kuta and Sanur but most of the tourists who come to Bali are exploring Bali to visit the tourist attractions. The beauty of nature, Bali’s cool mountain air, Pelani in the middle of rice fields, underwater nature, daily life of Balinese women in the market, and religious ceremonies in the temple is the attraction side of Bali that Interested in tourists.

Initially, the province of Bali divided into 8 districts with 7 districts located in the South Bali area and 1 district is in the northern Bali area. Historically, the division of the 8 districts follows the royal pattern of government before the colonial era. In the 1980, Denpasar as the capital of the province of Bali and the capital of Badung Regency increased its status to become an administrative city then became the city of Madya and finally in 1992 determined its status as the city government. Level with district governance. As such, Since 1992 officially, the province of Bali is divided into 9 governmental districts and cities.