Since its mastery by the DutchDutch, Bali was opened for foreign visit. BaliBali is not only the arrival of foreigners as tourists but not a few observers and the culture that came to note the uniqueness of the art of Balinese culture.

From the cultural insurers consisting of poets, musicians and painters, this is the uniqueness of Bali increasingly spreading in the international world. The delivery of information through various media by foreigners turned out to be able to attract tourists to visit Bali.

The admiration of the land of Bali then evocative interest of foreign orchestra gave To Bali.
The island of Gods, the island of Paradise, The Island of Thousand Temples, The Morning of The World, and a variety of other praise names resonate with Bali’s Manyanjung tourism world.

The year 1930, in the heart of Denpasar built a hotel to accommodate the arrival of tourists at that. Bali Hotel, a building of colonial architecture style, is a milestone of Bali tourism which until now the building is still solid in the original.

Not only accepting tourist visits, Bali art ambassadors from Peliatan Village are conducting cultural visits to several countries In the European and American areas indirectly, the visit also introduces the existence of Bali as a tourist destination worth visiting.

Tourism activities, which began to bloom at the time, had stalled due to the occurrence of World War II between 1942 Fi 1945 which was followed by a fierce struggle to seize Indonesia’s independence including the Te-Adi struggle in Bati until the year 1949. Mid-Decade 50-an Bali tourism began to be reorganised and in the year 1963 built the Bali Beach Hotel (The Grand Bali Beach HoteQ in Sanur Beach with Building 1 0 floors.

This hotel is a residential building that is shaped high while tourism facilities (hotel, home stay, pension) that developed then only one floor building. In the mid-70, the local government of Bali issued a regional regulation governing the building height of up to 15 meters.

This determination is determined by taking into consideration the cultural factors and the traditional layout of Bali so that Bati still has a cultural value that can be a focus of tourism sector.

For sure, since the operation of Hotel Bali Beach On November 1966, the construction of tourism facility Rapidly expanding.

In terms of quality, Sanur developed relatively more planned because it is adjacent to Bali Beach Hotel while the Kuta beach area develops naturally moving from a local residential model. The homestay and pension model evolved more dominant than standard hotel models.

Similarly to Kuta, Ubud area in the Gianyar area develops naturally, growing in the houses of residents that remain with the nuance of the countryside.

The construction of a tourism facility that is internationally class finally started with the development of Nusa Dua area into a tourist resort International. Managed by the Bali Tourism Development Corporation, a government formation agency, the Nusa Dua area is developed to meet the needs of international standard tourism.

Some hotel operators are entering the area of Nusa Dua as an investor who eventually the area is able to boost the development of Bali tourism.

The next time, the facility of tourism is growing very rapidly in the center of tourist residential especially in the area of Badung, Denpasar and Gianyar. Kuta Beach area, Jimbaran and Ungasan become tourist residential area in Badung Regency. Sanur and the city Center for the Denpasar.

Ubud, Kadewatan, Payangan and Tegalalang became the development of tourist residential in the Gianyar area.

To control the rapid development, the local government of Bali then set 15 areas in Bali as the area of tourism following the facilities such as restaurants and shopping centers. Up to now, Bali has more than 35,000 hotel rooms consisting of Pondok Wisata class, Melati to 5 stars.

The facilities of these hotels are featured in a variety of forms ranging from home models, standard hotels, villas, bungalows, and boutique hotels with Sale price variations. This diversity gives more value to Bali as it offers many choices to the travelers.

As a result of the development of tourist visit, various supporting facilities such as restaurants, art shop. Art market, entertainment and recreation facilities grow rapidly in tourist residential centers or in tourist attractions.

The tourists who visit Bali, finally have many choices in enjoying their holiday in Bali. The establishment of an organization such as PHRI (IHRA), ASITA and Iain institution in Bali, which professionally manages and provide services Tourism services, as if to give guarantee for the comfort of traveling in Bali