Gianyar & Ubud have hospital, Clinic and health centre such as Puskemas in every area. The list below is several of the Hospital and health centre, you can visit one of the most closest to your hotel or staying area if you need health care.

  1. RSUD Sanjiwani Gianyar
  2. Family Husada hospital
  3. Kasih Ibu General Hospital Saba
  4. Puskesmas Gianyar I
  5. Puskesmas Gianyar II


Ubud health centre is located in strategic place. Follow the map to find the location, or maybe you can ask local or hotel employee around your place to get direction.
  1. BIMC Ubud hospital
  2. Ari Canti hospital
  3. Puskesmas Ubud I
  4. Puskesmas Ubud 2
  1. Puskesmas Payangan
  2. Payangan Hospital
  1. Premagana General Hospital
2. Ganesha Hospital
3. Puskesmas Sukawati 1
4. Puskesmas Sukawati 2
  • Puskesmas Tampaksiring I
  • Puskesmas Tampaksiring II

  • Puskesmas Blahbatuh I
  • Puskesmas Blahbatuh II