Ubud Dance Performance

Ubud is known for art and culture. The harmony with traditions and worship is very strong in the Ubud. International Exhibition is often held on this place. Don’t forget for watching traditional dance performance. Is added and live on stage everyday in Ubud. Many tourists and travelers come to Ubud to enjoy dance performances at night start around 19:00 pm at “Puri Ubud”. The ticket is only IDR 100k. Is worth the price maybe more. Many different styles of Balinese…

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Ubud Beyond


Tuesday, August 23, 2022 – Ubud as the center of world arts and culture is back with the much awaited festival, Ubud & Beyond Festival 2022. Born from a passion to continue to maintain and develop the wealth of art and culture, especially those embedded in Ubud and its surroundings. This festival will take place for 5 days from August 24 – 28 at Ubud’s Astina Field. The opening will be held at Puri Agung Ubud with the main event…

Ubud Jazz Festival 2022

Ubud Village JAZZ Festival 2022 (12-13 Augustus)

UBUD VILLAGE After a skipped year of 2020 , UVJF did its very successful ‘revival’ in October 2021 with all restrictions and limitations and aligned with all of the pandemic protocols. Even though was a small and presented only national line ups, Yet, it became a milestone of the return of jazz concerts, festivals and live music in Bali and Indonesia. This year, UVJF is ready to jazz up the island again and this one is going to be the…

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Monkey Forest Ubud

Monkey Forest Ubud

Mandala Suci Wenara Wana or also known as Monkey Forest Ubud is a nature reserve and temple complex located in the village of Padangtegal Ubud, Bali. In this place has approximately 749 long-tailed monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) (63 adult males, 34 juvenile males, 219 adult females, 29 juvenile females, 167 juveniles 1 (2-3 years), 118 juveniles 2 (1-2 years). ), 63 Infant old (5-12 months) and 56 infant. There are six groups of monkeys that occupy different areas in this forest,…

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Yeh Pulu

6 Order of attractions in Gianyar

Travel should be considered so as not to waste time on the trip. Places or attractions that we will visit should be in order. I will give recommendations for the most visited and most famous tourist attractions in Gianyar Regency. We assume that if you stay in the Ubud area and start at the morning, so that the trip is in the same direction and you can use tourism travel service for the trip. Starting from the first place, namely…

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Pura Pegulingan

Pura Pegulingan

Pegulingan Temple is located in Banjar Basangambu, Manukaya Village, Tampaksiring District.  Which is adjacent to Tirta Empul Temple. This place can be reached on foot while enjoying beautiful scenery. The position of this temple is in the east of Tirta Empul. In Pegulingan Temple, there is an archeological site which is one of the proofs of the development of Buddhism in the era of Ancient Bali around the 8th century AD. This is supported by the discovery of the Dyani…

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Pura Durga Kutri

Pura Durga Kutri (Gianyar)

The place is in the village of Blahbatuh, Kutri. Here there are three temples into a complex, which can be visited easily, because it is located on the roadside of the highway Denpasar-Gianyar. Now on the front page of the temple there are several souvenir stalls and across the highway there is also Local sculptor workshops. Not far north, at a T-junction is also able to stall right and drink. Until now, Durga Kutri has successfully captivated the pengun, not…

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pura samuan tiga

Pura Samuan Tiga (Gianyar)

Pura Samuan Tiga is located in the village of Bedulu, Blahbatuh, and serves as a place of worship of the forces of nature and ancestors. It belongs to an old temple, because it was built in pre-history, passing through a very long history journey, so there is a possibility of information that is lost. Such as that in one of the pages in the manuscript Tatwa Shiva Purana mention that during the reign of Prabu Candrasangka build pura Penataran Sasih…

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